Terms of service

In operating the RBG App and RBG Office services provided by RainbirdGEO (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), this operational policy defines the standards of service operation and the details that users must follow in order to consistently cope with possible problems within the service. Failure to comply with this operational policy may result in disadvantages, so please read carefully.

In order to improve policies related to the RBG App and RBG Office, the company strives to establish a reasonable operational policy through continuous exchange of opinions with users. In that case, it will notify the service announcement at least 10 days in advance.

In case of damages caused by other users’ violations of the operational policy while using the service, the users can contact the company to request the application of the operational policy, and the company can check the details of the report and impose sanctions according to the operational policy.

In addition, even if there is no report, sanctions can be imposed in accordance with the operational policy in violation of the relevant laws or terms and conditions, or if any activities prohibited by this operational policy are found.

In the event that any violation of the operational policy is found in a report or other way, the company will notify the user of the details of the sanctions as soon as possible by means of in-service notification, e-mail, etc. However, this may not be the case if urgent protection of other users is required, or the details of sanctions cannot be delivered, and the reporter is not obliged to notify the result of the review. 

If you are dissatisfied with the results of the operational policy, you can file an objection through the RainbirdGEO Service Team (support@rainbirdgeo.com), and we will review the objections received and reply to you whether you accept them or not.

1. Account Operations Policy

The RBG App and RBG Office are services that require a serial number or account. The serial number required for using the RBG App can be applied on the company’s web page (rainbirdgeo.com) or issued by an RBG Office user, and the account required for using the RBG Office can be created through membership through the company’s web page.

(1) RBG App Users

The RBG App user is the user who uses the service based on the serial number granted, and should not forget the serial number that identifies each user.

It is also recommended to use one serial number per terminal in use. The user is responsible for any disadvantages caused by service errors that occur when using one serial number for more than one terminal.

(2) RBG Office Users

RBG Office users are responsible for managing RBG App users’ serial numbers because they are the users who created the account through the company’s web page and receive and distribute the serial numbers for RBG App users within their territory to legitimate users.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the personal information of RBG App users within your own territory by protecting the security of the user’s account. To do this, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your account password and change your password periodically.

If you can’t remember your account password, the company will issue you a temporary password after checking your membership. Please be sure to change your password after logging in with the temporary password.

The user is responsible for any disadvantages arising from the negligence of password management of RBG Office users.

2. Prohibited Matters

RBG services may be temporarily or permanently restricted when reporting and detecting acts that are prohibited by the company’s RBG App and RBG Office.

If you have any questions or objections, please e-mail RainbirdGEO Service Team (support@rainbirdgeo.com), and we will be sure to check them out and answer them.

(1) RBG App

① An act that causes discomfort to other users by misuse of intentional false reports of disasters.

② An act that causes discomfort and misunderstanding to other users by intentionally registering false disaster photos

③ Actions that disrupt the direction and purpose of this service

(2) RBG Office

① The act of arbitrarily stopping the service to the user by eliminating the managed RBG App users without a reasonable grounds

② The act of collecting and using personal information of managed RBG App users to gain illegal profits

③ The act of collecting personal information of managed RBG App users and providing them to third parties

④ The act that causes discomfort and misunderstanding by providing incorrect information to other users by falsely entering shelter information

Effective Date: August 24, 2020