RainbirdGEO CEO - Professor Yong-Sang Choi

Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation Project – The RainbirdGEO Team to Field Visit Bandung Indonesia in October 2023

Bandung, Indonesia, October 2023 – By the first week of October 2023, RainbirdGEO’s International Projects team, led by the company’s CEO, Professor Yong-Sang Choi completed a successful field visit to Bandung, Indonesia. The visit was one of the activities of the “Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation” project, which RainbirdGEO is jointly implementing with Save the Children Korea, with the support of Save The Children Indonesia, BMKG (Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency), and other local organizations.

Over the week-long visit, the RainbirdGEO team along with representatives from Save the Children Korea and Save The Children Indonesia visited and surveyed residents and communities in the targeted areas to gain a better understanding of natural disaster risk and climate change situation. 

This project aims to raise awareness of climate change and disaster risk among residents of 10 villages in the Bandung area through educational materials and a mobile app that provides early warning of potential hazards.

Indonesia is one of the developing countries that is reported to be particularly vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change. Through this project, RainbirdGEO hopes to make a meaningful contribution to supporting residents of the Bandung area to adapt to climate change and disaster risk.

RainbirdGEO is committed to providing accurate and timely information and services to help mitigate the impacts of natural disasters and climate change.

Estira TV (Indonesia) introduces RainbirdGEO in the project on Youtube 

Source: Save The Children Korea’s visit to SMPN 3 Rancaekek in the climate change adaptation program


The Save The Children Indonesia Office 


RainbirdGEO CEO Professor Yong-Sang Choi and Indonesian residents


RainbirdGEO Team and Indonesian residents


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